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National Wise Mental Health Consumer Month: What Happens When You Get Treatment?

Many people ate hesitant to get help for mental health problems because they don’t know what treatment will be like. They may also have misconceptions about what treatment is like.

Sometimes people don’t know how to find a mental health professional.  One way is to look on one of the following websites:

National Institute on Mental Health: How to Find Help

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: Mental Health Services Locator

Psychology Today: Therapist Search

It is best if you can get a referral from your doctor’s office or through a friend.

When you call the mental health professional they or their secretary will usually ask you some information and schedule an appointment.  When you see the mental health professional they will ask you some questions in order to evaluate what the beast treatment options will be.

Most mental health professionals offer psychotherapy/counseling (mental health counseling and psychotherapy are basically the same thing).  They will ask you questions about your problems, feelings, family or other relationships, and any physical symptoms you might have.  They will then come up with a plan for treatment. They may also suggest you see your doctor to make sure their are not any medical conditions that might be effecting your mental health.

A psychiatrist may suggest medication if they think it is necessary.  For example: clinical depression, severe anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other more serious mental problems. A Psychiatrist may also do counseling/psychotherapy with you or refer you to counseling if they do not do counseling themselves.

Mental health professionals who are not Psychiatrists my refer you to a Psychiatrist or another doctor for a medication evaluation (Usually only medical doctors can prescribe medications).

For serious mental health problems usually a combination of counseling and medication is most effective. If you are uncomfortable with taking medication, counseling without medication is usually very effective .

Counseling is usually weekly. It can last until your major problems are resolved or be more long-term.  It depends on the individual’s particular problems and issues.  In counseling you talk about your problems, thoughts, feelings, relationships, etc. You will talk with your counselor about how to solve your problems and deal with life more effectively. Counseling is hard work, but the more effort you put into it, the more effective it will be.

National Wise Mental Health Consumer Month: What are the different types of Mental Health Professionals?

Distinguishing between the different types of mental health professionals confusing.

Psychiatrists: A Psychiatrist is medical doctor (MD) who has specialized in mental health problems. Since they are medical doctors, they can prescribe medications for treatment. Many psychiatrists also do counseling /psychotherapy.

Psychologists: A Psychologist a scholar or professional who studies human behavior. A Clinical Psychologist or Counseling Psychologist does counseling/psychotherapy.  A Psychologist has a PhD, PsyD (Doctor of Psychology), or EdD (Doctorate of Education.

There are a number of different kinds  master’s level mental health practitioners.  Sometimes the name is based on state regulations.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT): A LMFT has at least a master’s degree and is trained in counseling/psychotherapy with individuals, couples, families, and children.  MFT degrees used to be called MFCC (Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling).

Licensed  Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, (LCPC), & Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC): These councilors have at least a master’s degree and sometimes a doctorate. They are trained to do general counseling, career counseling, and/or psychotherapy.

Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW): Social workers sometimes work at social service agencies doing case management and coordinating community services. Many clinical social workers are trained in and do counseling/psychotherapy.

Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC): These counselors have a master’s degree and specialize in treatment of alcoholism, drug addition, etc.

All of the above mental health professionals have to be licensed or certified by the states they practice in and in their respective fields. They have to require many hours of training and clinical experience under supervision before they are authorized to practice on their own.

To get help with mental health problems:

National Institute on Mental Health: How to Find Help

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: Mental Health Services Locator

Psychology Today: Therapist Search

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Autism Society Reaches out to Disadvantaged Families

Autism Society of Larimer County, Colorado is reaching out to Latino and disadvantaged families with information about the symptoms of Autism and treatment options available for them. Language, cultural, and financial issues make it difficulty for Latino families to get the help they need.

The Society has a new bilingual liaison, Elba Willison, who translates their posters, pamphlets, and other information into Spanish. The Society has also created a helpline for Spanish speakers and is looking for a location for a weekly bilingual support group. The Autism Society is also connecting with schools and other agencies. The Autism Society also aims to expand to Weld County.

A study by the Center for Disease Control shows a 125 percent increase in Autism rates among Latinos in Colorado. Another study, by the University of Pennsylvania’s Health System, School of medicine, found that children from minority groups who have Autism are diagnoses two to five years later than white children.

Kids from disadvantaged groups are often diagnosed later because their parents cannot afford to get them regular checkups. Sometimes Autism goes unrecognized in these children because people think the problem is learning English. Conversely, Spanish speaking children are sometimes mistakenly diagnosed with Autism because they cannot speak English very well.

The goal is for parents to recognize any potential signs of Autism so the child can be treated earlier in the developmental process.

Biking Across the for Country for Disability Awareness

Mark Esposito and a group of people who have disabilities are biking 4,000 miles across the country to raise awareness and money for people who have lost physical function by disease, accidents, or war. Esposito served in an Air Force special tactics squadron in Afghanistan. His Humvee hit a roadside bomb that threw him and the other soldiers out of the car. His legs were crushed below the knees and his back broken. It him a year in two military rehab centers to be able to walk again.

Esposito decided to ride across the country to show how much someone with a disability can do. Rory McCarthy, who is 56 years old and one of the few civilians on the trip, is taking the entire trip using just his arms on a hand cycle. The same kind of mental effort is required in recovery from such serious injuries. Esposito says: “The medical technology and physicians will take you so far . . . but you have to want to take the therapy, and you have to want to get better. . . . It’s that mind-set, that positive motivation that’s going to get you through.”