Monthly Archives: September 2018

Cancer Awareness Pins are a Way of Showing Unity

This week I was given the news that my father’s cancer is back. Working here at awareness depot, I receive many phone calls like this; My father has cancer, my brother has cancer, my husband has cancer, I have cancer, and the list goes on. It seems we all know someone who has or has had cancer. No doubt it is a horrible disease. This is why we can empathize with all of you when it comes to this cause. So this week, I am back to wearing the periwinkle awareness ribbon that we carry. This stands for stomach cancer. We have a list on our site to help you figure out what cancer goes with what color. Just click here: to help you. We have pins for most all cancers and they are very reasonably priced. I wear mine to remind myself that we are in this together…as a family and as a community. Cancer ribbon pins are easy to pass out to family and friends and many times we run specials to help with pricing. Here is a link to join our newsletter so you too can keep up with our specials (It’s the purple box on the bottom left hand corner of our homepage). Here are just some colors of pins we carry. You can visit our pins page at awareness-ribbon-pins-16to get more information. Stay safe everyone.