Fundraising Specialist to Help You Succeed!

Are you planning a fundraiser, large or small, for your favorite cause? Whether you’re helping to raise Autism Awareness this April or you’ve just started training for a Team in Training marathon this fall, we can help you make your fundraising goals!

Our wide selection of products and our low prices are just the beginning! If you’re working on putting together your fundraiser, give Lorraine, our fundraising specialist, a call! She can help you pick out products that will best help your specific fundraising format.

If you’re ordering bracelets for your Avon Walk Team to all wear together or looking for a ribbon pin or charm to re-sell and raise money from, Lorraine will help you choose the best product to suit your goals. She can also help with figuring out order estimates (hard for a first-timer!) and getting your order to you in time for your event (whoops! Did you procrastinate? We can help!). Call her today!