Biking Across the for Country for Disability Awareness

Mark Esposito and a group of people who have disabilities are biking 4,000 miles across the country to raise awareness and money for people who have lost physical function by disease, accidents, or war. Esposito served in an Air Force special tactics squadron in Afghanistan. His Humvee hit a roadside bomb that threw him and the other soldiers out of the car. His legs were crushed below the knees and his back broken. It him a year in two military rehab centers to be able to walk again.

Esposito decided to ride across the country to show how much someone with a disability can do. Rory McCarthy, who is 56 years old and one of the few civilians on the trip, is taking the entire trip using just his arms on a hand cycle. The same kind of mental effort is required in recovery from such serious injuries. Esposito says: “The medical technology and physicians will take you so far . . . but you have to want to take the therapy, and you have to want to get better. . . . It’s that mind-set, that positive motivation that’s going to get you through.”