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About Our Business

Americas & Americas, Inc. d.b.a., is family owned
and operated since 1996. It is the Premier online provider for
awareness/fundrasing products. Our headquarters and warehouse is located
in Miami, Florida. We have over 12,000 square foot of office/warehouse space.
We specialize in Promotional Awareness Products and own several design

We are proud to say that a percentage of what we sell goes to the
corresponding foundations such as Koman Breast Cancer Foundation and
others.  We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with only the best  
awareness/fundrasing products available. Our commitment is to provide  
awareness/fundrasing products to our customers in a timely fashion. We also
strive to provide excellent customer service by answering most customer
inquiries within one business day. We participate with many fund raising
organizations and charitable events such as Parents Teacher Association, Girl
Scouts of America and the Special Olympics. We also work closely with many
professional  promotional organizations.  Since the war in Iraq began, we have
donated merchandise to the soldiers and their families. We are proud of our
service men and women and wish them a safe return. We are constantly
working with various organizations such as autism link, red cross and other

I am pleased to announce that Americas & Americas Inc. has been nominated
for 2005 Florida’s Outstanding Business Award sponsored by Ernst & Young,
USA Today, CNN and The NASDAQ Stock market. We thank you for visiting our
web site.


Robert Real
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Awareness Bracelet Support Our Troops, Yellow, Pink, Bracelet Awarness.
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